Medvape's THCP Vape: Unveiling the Power of THCP Cannabinoid

Welcome to Medvape's THCP VAPE category, a groundbreaking cannabis product. Our THCP vape stands out as one of the most potent in the market. It boasts a 10% concentration of THCP, a powerful cannabinoid. This product is designed for those who seek the very best in cannabis derivatives.

Medvape’s THCP vape is a blend of safety and convenience.

They comes in several exotic flavors and terpenes, enhancing your experience. Our commitment to purity is evident: no cutting agents, PG, VG, MCT, nicotine, or THC are included.

Choose Medvape's THCP VAPE for an authentic cannabinoid experience. It's perfect for diving into the evolving world of cannabis. Our products are 100% legal, made in the EU from hemp-derived CBD.

Safety and legality

Fully legal in the EU and Schengen areas, our THCP vape meets all regulatory standards. Each batch undergoes strict testing to ensure top quality. With Medvape, you're choosing a premium product that delivers.

Our products are nicotine-free and not for children. They are not intended as food supplements or disease cures. Medvape aligns with EFSA guidelines and advises consulting healthcare professionals before use. This is crucial for pregnant, nursing, or chronically ill individuals.

Medvape's products are hemp-derived and fully legal in the EU. They are not for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, or heavy machinery operators. In case of misuse, eat and drink sufficiently. Avoid driving or operating machinery after use. Compliant with Act No. 167/1998 §5, these are intended for specific non-consumption uses. They are collector's items, sold only to those over 18.


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